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First off, thank you for checking us out online.

The Amplified Group does both web and print design for clients large and small. Everything we do is typically billed at an hourly rate, therefore we feel strongly that every job is a custom job. Our clientele base covers everything from conservative, not-for-profit organizations to liberal politicians and advertising campaigns, small start-ups to medium-size corporations. We’ve done most everything out there on both the web and print side of things. Basically, we’ve become somewhat of a one-stop design house for many of our clients.

If you are here reading this, it probably means that you were referred to us (and we probably now owe that person a really great cup of coffee.) That’s because we don’t advertise. Instead, we predominantly rely upon referrals from our clients (a practice that has worked well for us to-date.) We have a fairly small shop with four full-time or part-time individuals, plus numerous people we routinely partner with depending on job specifications.

Branding, Design and Printing Services

On the print side of things, we primarily focus on branding & logo development, four-color print materials (annual reports, brochures, sales pieces, etc.), and magazine advertising. We’ve done everything from logos and business cards to annual reports and billboards. Plus, we don’t just stop at designing your materials. We can do your printing, as well. So, before you have that next project printed at your local printing press, give us a call. Please. Odds are, we can deliver for you a better price and superior product than you ever thought possible.

Web Design and Web App Development

On the web side, we do everything from your basic projects (CSS, HTML, WordPress, etc.), to large-scale websites and web application development (incorporating PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Expression Engine, etc.) We pride ourselves on one thing above all: that our web projects will look just as good as any of our print projects - something that not every web firm can promise you.

Whatever your needs, we can deliver them to you in a custom-fashion.  If you simply need to “touch-up” or update your current site, we can help.  If you feel that your current website is no longer cutting it, then come to us and we will sit down with you to help redesign your site from the ground up.  And finally, if you are simply one of the many firms out there that still do not have a website, then call us now. You won’t be sorry.

We are always open to any and all types of ongoing business relationships.  If we can help you or if you would like to discuss future projects, please feel free to give us a buzz anytime at 417-886-5886.

Until then, please have a great day and thank you again for taking the time to visit our site.